Our Story

We make beauty

We design and manufacture decorative lighting.

We started making beauty in 1968. And while we’re still challenging what’s been done in design, technology, materials and production, a few things about Rakumba will never change.

We’re for quality and professionalism – our attention to detail and pursuit for perfection is what matters. From designing a prototype to delivering a newly finished piece, we’re proud to be trusted by the people we work with. You could say, we care about what we create. It’s not a philosophy, it’s pride.

Everyone at Rakumba shares a passion for making all kinds of beauty in their life.
 We know inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, which is why our team’s passions span far and wide, helping us collaborate with all types of creative people.

We’re Australian designed and made, which has some pretty great advantages. We support the industry with local manufacturing and by educating design students in our studio. And the standards we set here go beyond our shores, rivalling brands around the world.

The merging of craft and design is important to us. And simply put, years of expertise in blending traditional and contemporary techniques have seen us find that new material, refine that new manufacturing process and create things with a story behind them.

Everyone has their own version of beauty. If you want to make some beauty of your own just get in touch with us. Simply shoot us an email or pick up the phone. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

– Michael and the Rakumba team              


The Rakumba Team Meet the Rakumba Team



We take pride in our technical and problem solving abilities, the breadth of manufacturing processes and materials we use.  We focus on craft and design, so handcraft features just as heavily in our work as design elegance.  And these are merged seamlessly with technical lighting performance.

It’s all part of us making beauty. Give us a call to find out how we’ll help you get the most out of your project.




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