Ellipse Pendant, Broached Commissions

From the moment we saw the initial sketches of Ellipse, we knew we had a special project on our hands. In collaboration with Lou Weiss of Broached Commissions and Tokyo’s Keiji Ashizawa, we created a piece for an exclusive collection themed on the relationship between Australia, China and Japan in the late 19th century.

The concept began as a few early sketches and a mockup made by designer Keiji Ashizawa. We understood what Keiji wanted to achieve and took his work from an idea and concept to a fully resolved product.

Our team’s background in science, technology and engineering allowed us to take a step back and see the project as both a design team obsessed with detail and a manufacturer pushing for perfection. The early stages saw us working remotely with Keiji in Japan and with Broached Commissions in Melbourne as we refined each part of the design.

‘This is the first time Broached has worked with a lighting manufacturer to create a work. Rakumba are one of the only lighting manufacturers left in Australia who are initiating serious collaborations with designers. Although most of their work is focused on fabric based pendant lighting we were confident in their industrial capabilities.’

Ellipse is a project where different areas of our expertise came together to perfect the process. Every detail mattered. And our attention to detail was arguably our biggest strength – it’s ultimately what got the job done to such a high standard. We’re proud to have had a real understanding of what Keiji was aiming for – an understanding that came from our understanding as industrial designers, and our quest for making beauty.

Making a new light is difficult. Our initial prototype would not have passed standards required for LED heat distribution. The design shifts that have occurred from prototype to final exhibition piece have been expertly managed by Rakumba.

Professional photography: Scottie Cameron.



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