Rakumba X Studio Truly Truly | Typography Lighting Series

We’re excited to present our beautiful new decorative lighting system “TYPOGRAPHY” – a new language in decorative lighting.  TYPOGRAPHY by Studio Truly Truly will launch at IMM Cologne, 15-22 January 2018.  Studio Truly Truly have designed a lighting system of exceptional purity of form in their first collaboration with us. The new Typography lighting system … READ MORE



Rakumba in a New Light

Rakumba today unveils a beautiful new perspective on our lighting range. Over the past months, with photographer Haydyn Cattach and stylist Marsha Golemac, we’ve created stunning new images of our lights.   The new look for Rakumba comes at a perfect time. In just three short weeks, over 150,000 visitors to IMM Cologne will see … READ MORE


Confessions of a Creationist

It can keep you awake at night, consume your weekends and ultimately drive you mad but there is no off switch to the creative mind. It is an obsession, a mission and more than anything – a passion to create, or to solve a problem in a different way. I confess – I am a … READ MORE


Authentic origins

For many of us, a simple name such as Campbell’s Soup, or Marilyn, conjures a visual journey into the past with flashes of Studio 54 and New York at its avant-garde best. Detaching ourselves from those images is near impossible. Much like an iconic piece of furniture – they are mental silhouettes that frame a … READ MORE


The art of successful collaborations

With the annual Milan Design Week fresh in our memories we’re inspired by the products and installations we experienced across Italy’s home of design and the possibilities that present themselves when people come together to create. Listening to Spanish designer Jaime Hayon speak about his ongoing collaboration with Danish brand Fritz Hansen, it was refreshing … READ MORE


Nurturing creativity

How do we in the local product design industry invest, turning a philosophy of supporting creative growth into actively fostering emerging designers? There is no question, design is serious business. Corporations worldwide are consistently prioritising creativity as being strategically critical, manifested as a clear shift towards executive-level designer appointments. As John Maeda reminded us in his SXSW … READ MORE

“Brand Australia” Dazzles at DENFAIR 2016

DENFAIR has undergone a metamorphosis from its 2015 model. Even more selective and curatorial in its approach and at the same time doubling in size, it reinforced the beauty and creative vitality of Australian design. Revitalising the sometimes stagnant feel of traditional trade fairs, DENFAIR was a buoyant celebration of Brand Australia. Just when you … READ MORE

Anchor Ceramics: Collaborative Spirit & Potter DS

This article first appeared in Mezzanine issue 4, written by the magazine’s editor and creative director, Marcus Piper. @mezzanine_mag Rakumba is fast becoming a household name in lighting and architecture studios across Melbourne – and further afield – as its collaborative approach and technical prowess connect with the aesthetics and skills of our more material … READ MORE


Going global: A flight path for the Australian lighting design industry

As creatives and tastemakers reflect on this year’s design week in Milan, we continue to be inspired by our experience at Frankfurt’s Light+Building in March. Showcasing the best of international lighting design, it also provided a flight path for the future of the lighting industry. Particularly heartening was our realisation that Australian decorative lighting design … READ MORE


Archier: The Art Of Successful Collaborations

“One of the most enjoyable outcomes of collaborating on lighting design is that it’s diversified the type of work we’re doing.” – Chris Haddad, Archier Director ‘Collaboration’ is a word that’s thrown around quite a lot in the design industry. When done successfully, collaborative relationships can have positive effects that go far beyond creative satisfaction … READ MORE

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Our Pins

  • Standley Bollard by Jon Goulder
  • Saya
  • Standley Wall Sconce by Jon Goulder
  • Typography CILON Staff Wall Sconce
  • Typography CILON Rib Wall Sconce
  • Typography CILON Layer Pendant
  • Typography CILON Roll Pendant
  • Typography CILON Disc + Mini Pendant
  • Typography CILON Rib + Spot + Mini + Layer Pendant


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